fiber laser cutting machine vs traditional cutting machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine vs. Traditional Cutting Machine

Today we will discuss about Fiber Laser Cutting Machine vs Traditional Cutting Machine and which is the best method among Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and Traditional Cutting Machine. Here is some of the information regarding this topic. Some of the most preferred traditional sheet metal techniques are shearing-type cutting , water jet, plasma, EDM, and lasers. Water jet cutting technique was generally used in industrial applications in the 1930s, while EDM and plasma cutting techniques are introduced in 1960s. Laser cutting was started in the 1970s. Shear-type cutting methods are difficult to date, as some of its variations date back to antiquity. In 2016, laser cutting became the largest segment of metal cutting machine sales in the world..

Comparing with the cutting processes is the best way to figure out what factors have been attracting a major number of manufacturers to use Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for cutting sheet metals. Instead of listing advantages and disadvantages for every process, here is a differentiation between cutting and the alternative process.

  • Punch cutting method can be really fast, because in many certain cases the entire geometry can be removed with a single hit. However, this requires large reliable tooling costs and therefore the production batch must be large enough to justify the cost. Compared to this Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Requires less costing and is affordable to any production level. So, if you want to grow your company’s production you should make your focus on fiber laser cutting process. And you should reach the best Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer according to your needs.
  • Water jet machines are adaptable in cutting process for both metals and non-metals. Water jet is fundamentally a mechanical process of machining, so for materials with greater hardness requires more cutting forces and therefore cutting process needs to slow down. Whereas Laser Cutting Machine can cut any harder metals easily with no additional costing and methods. And thus results in improved speed which can faster your production process. And there are many more traditional processes or methods for cutting sheet metals but at the end Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is more efficient and effective for cutting.

Is Fiber Laser Cutting the right solution for your Company?

Fiber Laser Cutting systems have well-established their capability to cut metals at high quality and at low costing , which are challenging to other processes. However, when it comes to take final decision to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, buyers mainly focus on the additional aspects or features which are specific to their cases including improved speed, eliminated tooling charges, reduced set-up and down times, reduced power usage and costs and many more aspects which can satisfy their all necessary needs. 

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